Images of state employees – slideshow

These images of state employees were produced by ATE for a calendar to celebrate their 85th Anniversary

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ATE in particular is very proud of the range of state employees that they represent. It has several implications: first just the fact of ATE needing to bring together a very broad-based class alliance, and to get a lot of different people to define themselves as a) workers and b) workers for the state; and second, the question of how to negotiate issues of career progression and working conditions when you have such a spectrum of activities. ATE’s answer is to allow a very localised sense of autonomy: local juntas internas (‘shopfloor councils’ might be a good translation) determine how any given negotiation or conflict will proceed, in theory at least.

Photographs are by Prensa CDN, Veronica Virga, Jesus Fuentes and Miguel Viezzoli. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the information to credit individual photos.

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