‘Citizenship, economic justice and workplace organisation’

British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship (2015).

The project is titled ‘Citizenship, economic justice and workplace organisation’. The research has two threads.

First, a monograph that explores collective citizenship in Argentina, and that draws on fieldwork conducted with activists from two unions of state employees. I will examine ways that activists construct themselves and their organization, the values and subjectivities that they develop, and the implications of these for our understandings of citizenship.

Second, I will zoom out to a comparative project that examines the relationship between economic justice, workplace-based organizations (including but not limited to traditional trade unions) and contemporary mass mobilization in Latin America, Europe and the Arab World. I will explore links between workers, students, the un- and under-employed as they build alliances, make demands of the state, and attempt to define political and social alternatives to neo-liberalism and austerity. I do so through two projects: an edited volume from a conference (http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/25028) and a series of podcasts designed for a popular audience and discussing political and economic questions.

More news to follow as I work on this.

Min de Salud UPCN 2012






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