Precarity and Labour Politics Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology

The articles from the conference on labour politics in an age of precarity are now published as a Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology, which I co-edited with Andrew Sanchez. The introduction is open access, as well as some of the articles, but they are all great.

Here are the article details:

Understanding labour politics in an age of precarity. Sian Lazar, Andrew Sanchez

Locating precarization: the state, livelihoods and the politics of precarity in contemporary Portugal, Patrícia Matos

‘The landfill has always borne fruit’: precarity, formalisation and dispossession among Uruguay’s waste pickers, Patrick O’ Hare

Precarity, by comparison: the uncertain transnationalization of labor politics between Korea and the Philippines, Elisabeth Schober

“Having a name of one’s own, being a part of history”: temporalities of precarity and political subjectivities of popular economy workers in Argentina, María Inés Fernández-Álvarez

Coping with precarity: subsistence, labor, and community politics among farmworkers in northern Mexico, Christian Zlolniski

Beyond factory safety: labor unions, militant protest, and the accelerated ambitions of Bangladesh’s export garment industry, Hasan Ashraf, Rebecca Prentice

Everyday barricades: bureaucracy and the affect of struggle in trade unions, Eeva Kesküla, Andrew Sanchez

Afterword: reflections on labor politics in an age of precarity, Gavin Smith

Precarious revolution: labour and neoliberal securitisation in Egypt, Dina Makram-Ebeid


Thanks to all the authors for a brilliant collection.






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