SL cool pic cropped 2This is my personal website; I’m an anthropologist, based at the University of Cambridge, UK. I’m currently working on trade unionism in Argentina, but also have interests in citizenship, social movements and anthropology of Latin America more generally. In the past, I have worked on collective mobilisation in El Alto, Bolivia. I am thinking about ways that ethics, politics and kinship come¬†together in collective politics of these kinds, and am moving into a stronger emphasis on labour itself. Other professional interests of mine include anarchism, sovereign debt and big data.

I’m experimenting with more visual ways of researching and of presenting my research, especially when it comes to demonstrations. Street protests have been a fairly consistent underlying theme to my work.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sian
    Just working my way through ‘El Atlo Rebel City’ (good Xmas read!) ahead of visiting El Alto. A mate of mine from Berlin and his Bolivian wife will be moving to live in El Alto sometime next year to work for a German funded project. I can’t wait to visit them.

    I’ve picked up a few books about Bolivia in both Ingles and Castelleno but your book seems to give the best backgroumd to life there. Just got to the bit about the dances, checking out the clips from the link mentioned in the book – thougth I should say ”yuspagara!”

    Huw Jones

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