Platform Labour conference

The April 2021 Politics and Ethics of Platform Labour was great. See for the programme. Conference call for papers: Digital platforms are increasingly important forms of organising work today, from the physical labour of driving, delivery, cleaning and other tasks to freelance digital labour. Sites connect clients to workers, organise payment, and take commission,… Read More Platform Labour conference

Precarity and Labour Politics Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology

The articles from the conference on labour politics in an age of precarity are now published as a Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology, which I co-edited with Andrew Sanchez. The introduction is open access, as well as some of the articles, but they are all great. Here are the article details: Understanding labour politics in… Read More Precarity and Labour Politics Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology

GDAT 2015 available online

A transcript of the 2015 GDAT debate is now available on Critique of Anthropology’s OnlineFirst site. We debated the motion ‘Attention to Infrastructure offers a welcome reconfiguration of anthropological approaches to the political’. Laura Bear and AbdouMaliq Simone proposed the motion, Laura Rival and I opposed. Penny Harvey has written an introduction, and Soumhya Venkatesan… Read More GDAT 2015 available online

Article on FocaalBlog about the elections in Argentina

I’ve written a short piece about the change of regime in Argentina, available on the Focaal Blog site. It’s called: ‘The happiness revolution’: Argentina and the end of postneoliberalism?   The situation in Argentina is changing rapidly at the moment, and it’s not always easy to find out what is going on from a distance.… Read More Article on FocaalBlog about the elections in Argentina

Seminario de Doctorado UBA

I am running a Doctoral Seminar at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, on ‘Etnografías de la ciudadanía urbana: Valores, prácticas y tecnologías del yo’. Classes begin this week and run until 4 November. Students registered for that seminar can find the reading list and some of the reading materials here (password protected).